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Press release: The Electronic Commerce Institute: A Winner at the Gala des Octas 2003!

Press release

The Electronic Commerce Institute: A Winner at the Gala des Octas 2003!

Montreal, May 26, 2003 – A branch of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, the Electronic Commerce Institute was honoured for its Online E-business Professional Certification Program in the E-training and knowledge management category at the Annual Gala des Octas of the Fédération Informatique du Québec, held at the Palais des congrès on May 24.

“Our innovative online learning program is successful because it makes it possible to easily reach participants from different regions while offering them customized services. The E-Business Professional Certification Program is no longer the privilege of large urban centres; managers at all levels and in all the regions now have access to the same quality content, guidance and follow-up,” affirmed the president of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, Benoit Labonté.

The E-Business Professional Certification program provides a unique kind of training based on a participatory style of self-learning involving pre-course reading, content dissemination, case studies and exchanges within a community of interest. Also offered in a traditional classroom setting, the program consists of eight classes leading to a professional certificate recognized by the orders of chartered accountants and professional associations and accredited by HEC Montréal.

“The Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal is proud that its branch, the Electronic Commerce Institute, has the expertise required to offer the business community at large a range of quality services. Thanks to its wealth of e-commerce knowledge, the Institute continues to successfully provide invaluable support to companies interested in making the technological shift to e-commerce,” added Mr. Labonté.

The Institute would like to thank its partner Bell Canada and technology solutions provider Technomédia for their strategic contribution to this program. As well, the Institute would like to highlight the financial contribution of the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications and the Ministère des Finances, de l'Économie, et de la Recherce, which helped launch this project. The Electronic Commerce Institute receives financial support from Canada Economic Development.

The Electronic Commerce Institute is a branch of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal. Founded in 1990, the Institute seeks to promote, motivate and accelerate the expansion of e-commerce by providing companies with the training and tools required to successfully integrate information technology into the management of their business.


Sylvie Paquette
Coordinator, Media relations
Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal
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