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Press release: The Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal underscores Paul Martin's contribution to the Canadian economy

Press release

The Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal underscores Paul Martin's contribution to the Canadian economy

Montreal June 2, 2002 - The Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal salutes the important contribution of the Honourable Paul Martin to the country's economic recovery and at the same time, congratulates the Honourable John Manley who will take over as the new Minister of Finance.

Since Paul Martin became the Minister of Finance, he has focussed on eliminating the deficit and putting public finances in order, efforts that have restored Canada's valuable economic and budgetary credibility. By undertaking this formidable challenge, Mr. Martin guaranteed the future of our economy. On this occasion, the Board of Trade would like to remind the government and the new Minister of Finance of the need to maintain the policies that have provided Canada with a strong and stable economy over the past few years.

On the international scene, Mr. Martin's leadership and grasp of the issues have enabled Canada, notably, through the creation of the G-20 – which Mr. Martin chaired until his departure - to play a major role in redefining international financial institutions and managing the globalized economy.

An avid proponent of the new role and increased responsibilities of urban agglomerations, the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal pays tribute to the vision, boldness and understanding that Mr. Martin, who is also MP of LaSalle-Émard, has shown in preparing Canadians for the new dynamics and greater roles of major urban centres as Canada's engines of economic development. “Like Mr. Martin, the Board of Trade believes that this important debate on our collective future must continue, especially between the different levels of government. Indeed this debate will make it possible to define and eventually adopt a new approach in terms of municipal economic development and financing to the benefit of, notably, the Montreal urban agglomeration,” stated Benoit Labonté, president of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal.

The Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal has more than 7 000 members. Its mission is to be the leading group representing the interests of the Greater Montreal business community. The objectives are to maintain, at all times, relevance to its membership, credibility towards the media and influence towards government and decision-makers.


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