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Press Release: Fourth edition of Export Alliance Construction: an international event not to be missed by companies in the construction industry

Press Release

Fourth edition of Export Alliance Construction:
an international event not to be missed by companies in the construction industry

Montréal, March 15, 2005 – The Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montréal, in partnership with the Ministère du Développement économique, de l'Innovation et de l'Exportation and the Société d'habitation du Québec, is holding the fourth edition of Export Alliance Construction in Montréal on March 15th and 16th.

The main objective of this international networking and training event is to bridge the gap between manufacturers of construction products and systems and about fifteen American buyers, as well as with Quebec and Canadian trade commissioners and representatives who are posted to the United States. Companies are given the opportunity to make new business relationships and to learn or strengthen their knowledge about exporting through practical training workshops.

“Export Alliance Construction fits in perfectly with our government's renewed commitment to increase its support for innovation and export,” stressed Mr. Claude Béchard, Québec minister of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade. “In order to respond to the growth challenge, our companies have no choice: they must innovate, become more competitive and seek out new partners. My department is there to help them with their resolve to incorporate better business practices and to be more innovative,” Mr. Béchard concluded.

“Our company already exports to the United States and, for us, an event like Export Alliance Construction is, year after year, an excellent opportunity to make ourselves known to American customers so that we can export our products to new markets,” stated Mr. Jim V. Granata, president of Métaux ouvrés FG.

“Even though the last few years have been booming for the construction industry, the Québec and Canadian markets are still relatively limited. It is precisely when business is going well that the effort should be put in motion to develop new markets with good potential, such as the United States, whose population is growing and where there are significant infrastructure needs,” said Ms. Isabelle Hudon, president and chief executive officer of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montréal.

From this point of view, and thanks to its team of experts at the World Trade Centre Montréal, the Board of Trade is a vital link between companies and foreign markets. In this respect, we should remember that the mission of the World Trade Centre Montréal (WTCM) – which sits at the heart of an international network of World Trade Centres, located in more than 300 cities worldwide – is to support, train and advise associations and companies in their pursuit of international markets. By providing an integrated program of international trade solutions, the WTCM's team of experts provides Québec businesses with an advantage in exporting their products and services. “Export Alliance Construction falls squarely within the framework of this initiative since the event was conceived and set up to provide concrete assistance to companies in the Québec construction industry so that they can make the most of business opportunities in foreign markets,” Ms. Hudon added.

Mr. Pierre Cliche, president of the Société d'habitation du Québec, pointed out that the entire world is experiencing ever increasing demand for housing products and, given this situation, suppliers to the housing market need to join forces so they can exploit new markets. “An event such as this has two objectives: to position our companies in the American market and to develop a product offering from Québec that meets the highest international standards,” he added.

Export Alliance Construction is made possible thanks to the partnership of the Ministère du Développement économique, de l'Innovation et de l'Exportation and the Société d'habitation du Québec and with the cooperation of the Caisses centrales Desjardins and the Association de la Construction du Québec.

People who would like to obtain further information about Export Alliance Construction are invited to visit the Web site: www.exportalliance.com

The Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montréal, thanks to its experts at the World Trade Centre Montreal, offers international trade services to the general business community, with the support of Canada Economic Development.


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Sylvie Paquette
Coordinator, Media Relations
Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal
Tel. : (514) 871-4000, ext. 4015

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