The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

The energy transition: business opportunities for today and tomorrow

We will be hearing the expression “energy transition” a great deal in the news in 2017 and beyond. Companies in Canada and around the world are initiating an energy transition process.

In April, the Government of Quebec released its 2030 Energy Policy that sets out directions and ambitious objectives for the energy transition. To achieve these objectives, we need to mobilize all players. The business community sees the energy transition as potential leverage for stimulating economic development and generating business opportunities and growth.

We need to ensure that the energy transition is a source of investment and increases the competitiveness of local businesses. The better we understand the challenges of the transition for businesses, the greater the buy-in and mobilization of actors and the better our chances of success.

Support companies and leverage assets

The Chamber has proposed 3 guiding principles for the application of the 2030 Energy Policy to ensure a successful transition:

  1. predictability
  2. appropriate support for companies
  3. setting objectives in stages

This policy and resulting strategies need to leverage Quebec’s energy assets and the city’s tremendous potential for innovation. These assets were a deciding factor in American giant Amazon opening its new data centre in Montréal.

A new issue for the Chamber

The vision, vitality and determination of companies will be essential to achieving the new energy policy’s objectives. The Chamber would like the city’s business to be well positioned to take advantage of it. This is why it has decided to add the energy transition to its list of priority issues.

>The Chamber’s team is working on different initiatives, including a Strategic Forum that will be an opportunity for discussions about the transition and models for making it a success for the city’s business community. Click here for more information.

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