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Manufacturing companies and customer relations in the era of Industry 4.0


The fourth industrial revolution, or the era of Industry 4.0, is transforming the manufacturing sector. The importance of IT, the internet, artificial intelligence and new technologies allows companies in the sector to develop a higher quality, competitive offering at better prices and with improved service. Investing in this kind of technology in order to embrace this revolution is no longer just an option, it is now a question of survival.

One of the important aspects of this revolution is its considerable impact on customer experience. For example, artificial intelligence now offers tools that allow companies to better meet their customers’ expectations, which are more and more demanding when they enter into contact with a company online. Just think of tools like the famous chatbots to imagine the type of possibilities that AI offers for customer experience.

Moreover, thanks to data science, companies are now able to better understand the sometimes complicated and changing needs of their customers in real time. Indeed, with the new complex and powerful databases found today in the market, e-commerce and the many ways to connect to its clients, a company now accumulates valuable information providing it with a better understanding of its clientele and therefore their needs, using market analysis.

This improved understanding must be used in a number of operational areas of the business, whether in sales, distribution or customer service, and also in research and product development. From there, many opportunities may emerge, all with the aim of offering more appropriate and better customized products. Clients will feel better understood and therefore more catered for. The client experience will naturally be improved. This type of approach will increasingly enable companies to stand out from the competition and will quickly become one of the most important factors of success.

To achieve this, manufacturing companies must rethink their business model to be able to change the way they communicate with their customers. How can our customers be reached effectively and how can we have access to this data? Read testimonials from companies that have been through this stage: “The Fourth Industrial Revolution: How Manufacturers Win with Intelligent Connected Experiences” , written by Salesforce.

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