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Cycling season: how do you increase employee productivity?


With the arrival of spring, the active transportation season is officially launched. As cyclists are taking to their bikes, many businesses in the metropolitan area are encouraging employees to cycle more. In Montréal, commuter management centres MOBA and Voyagez Futé support businesses in their plans and offer them a range of services.

Sitting in morning and evening traffic generates stress and fatigue among employees. By swapping their cars for active modes of transportation, they eliminate a number of sources of irritation from their day and improve their health. These benefits are reflected in their performance at work. Biking to work could increase employee productivity by between 4% and 15%. Absenteeism could drop by 15%. How can your company motivate employees to ride their bikes?

Cycling infrastructure

Concern about arriving at work sweaty and fear of having your bike stolen can prevent people from using active transportation. Having secure parking and showers as well as creating other bike infrastructures are essential to encouraging employees to use active transportation.

Active corporate travel

Corporate travel is also an opportunity to use bikes rather than cars or taxis. Annual multi-user BIXI memberships can be shared by your employees. Your company can have a fleet of traditional or electric bikes available.

Cycling activities at work

Raising awareness and mobilizing employees requires holding activities and events. Booths, lunchtime conferences and bike maintenance courses help separate myth from reality and offer tips for safe travel. To create a relaxed, pleasant environment, some companies consider holding a bike fest essential.

Personalized support

In recent years, activities organized by MOBA and Voyagez Futé have encouraged many employees to choose active transportation. Your company can draw on their expertise to make sure your bike projects are comprehensive.

The Bike Month Challenge

May is Bike Month. Your company can be part of a friendly, free competition, to convince as many employees as possible to bike at least 10 minutes by May 31. There is still time to register your organization for the Bike Month Challenge. Your employees can enjoy spring, have fun and get in shape.

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