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The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

Get inspired with The Minutes from the Davos of creativity

Nicknamed the “Davos of creativity,” C2 Montréal is designed to stimulate innovation in companies by bringing together over 5,000 decision makers and creative professionals every year to imagine the business world of the future. This is a particularly promising tool that grew out of the immersive event The Minutes. The illustrated digest of the three days of brainstorming uses just one page to remind you of the fundamentals, as the article “Handle customers with care” does, which points out that no object is essential in the life of a consumer, but that it’s the customer experience that makes the product attractive. The Minutes also offers excellent advice for young entrepreneurs ready to take the plunge, for example: “Impress investors”, which lists the seven important points for mastering the pitch. It’s a summary along with infographics: The Minutes uses every form of understanding. “The future of collaboration”, which looks at the sharing economy, is a must-read.

This document, which you will appreciate for its ergonomics and the fact that it can be downloaded or printed to add to your library at work, looks at a wide range of problems. Your reading will enlighten you, inspire you and may just put some of your business processes into a new perspective. C2’s motto is not to react to change, but to initiate it. What can you do in your business to adopt this way of thinking?

Read the The Minutes booklet in its entirety.

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