The Omnibus Survey: A Flexible, Fast and Effective Solution

Working with a reputable survey firm can be a wise way to guide your business strategies in a competitive market. Conducting a survey is one way to find out what your customers think and want, and to turn that information into actionable and profitable data.

Although a research project with customized support can solve many business problems, it may still be an expensive proposition. There is, however, an alternative, namely the omnibus survey, which makes it possible to survey the population at a lower cost. Accessible to SMEs and large companies, this type of survey is truly versatile: here’s why.

  1. An omnibus survey reduces costs

    An omnibus survey is actually a multi-client survey. It is conducted on a fixed schedule over a set time period and allows several of a survey firm’s clients to access identically structured samples of different populations and ask them one or more questions. Just like on a flight, each client buys a “ticket” and is put on the same plane (the survey) as the other clients, allowing them to access a common destination (the sample(s)). This reduces the cost of data collection for each participant, making an omnibus an ideal solution for clients with a limited budget. The results of the individual questions remain confidential and are not shared with other participants.

  2. An omnibus survey enables you to get answers quickly

    A second significant advantage of opting for an omnibus survey is the speed with which a client can get answers to their questions. At Leger, for example, a client who uses this service can obtain data in about a week! To make this happen, Leger’s research team develops a questionnaire, collects the data, performs the statistical analysis and prepares a summary report, all in 7seven days. Leger’s Omnibus survey is conducted at a fixed frequency, i.e., every week.

  3. An omnibus survey can be used to monitor changes in public opinion

    This solution can be useful for tracking changes in public opinion over time. By asking the same question as often as necessary to a certain population, whether it is once a year, once a month, or even once a week, an omnibus survey makes it possible to follow the evolution of the target audience’s perceptions. Particularly advantageous in times of crisis, this service allows you to adjust your business strategies very quickly.

    Whether it is to evaluate customer reactions, test a new idea or launch a new product, an omnibus survey is an effective, quick and inexpensive tool.

About Leger

Leger is the largest Canadian-owned market research and analytics company, with more than 600 employees in eight Canadian and US offices. Leger has been working with prestigious clients since 1986, including L’Oreal, Nespresso, IKEA, Couche-Tard, Scientific Games, Pfizer, GSK, and more.
Recently, Leger presented the most accurate polling results for the 2021 Canadian federal election (including the most accurate results in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia) and the 2019 Canadian federal election. This accuracy is due to the quality of the company’s LEO panel and its employees’ expertise.
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