The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal
  • Cycling season: how do you increase employee productivity?

    Cycling reduces employee stress and fatigue, increasing productivity. How can you motivate them to bike more?
    Energy Transition
  • 10 together

    Learn about the awareness campaign by Montréal’s 10 university institutions: 10 together!
    Higher education

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Major Issues
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    Entrepreneurship and innovation are the cornerstones of our economic vitality. Let's leverage them to improve our competitiveness.
    Entrepreneuriat et innovation
  • Taxation and Economy

    Rebalancing the tax regime is crucial to improving the city's business environment. We need to push for this reform.
    Fiscalité et économie
  • Infrastructure

    Modern infrastructures (road, urban, digital) stimulate our economy. We need to support sustainable, intelligent urban development projects.
  • Internationalization

    Internationalization generates major economic benefits. Let's support local companies in their efforts to penetrate international markets.
  • Labour

    The aging population increases the challenge of available labour. We need to make efforts in immigration, training and education.
  • Energy Transition

    The shift to renewable energy has started. Let's make the transition an opportunity for business and innovation.
    Transition énergétique
Strategic Initiatives
Strategic initiatives 2
  • Arts-Business Connections

    Arts and culture are one of the most economically dynamic sectors in Montréal. Let's support the creative core that makes our city flourish.
    Arts-Business Connections
  • Taxi Industry

    The taxi industry is changing. We need to call for a law that will foster innovation and healthy competition.
    Taxi Industry
  • Bringing baseball back

    Bringing a baseball team back to Montréal has tremendous economic potential. Read the feasibility study and the financial benefits analysis.
    Bringing baseball back
  • Higher Education

    To prosper, businesses need skilled labour. Let's work with universities and recognize their essential role.
    Valuing universities