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The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

Five good reasons to take part in the Funding Meet-and-Greet

If your company is looking for financing, the Funding Meet-and-Greet [1], organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal’s Acclr experts, is an exciting opportunity for you. Here are five reasons you should take part.

1. To save time

We know that time is a precious commodity. Searching for financing requires hours of work. By taking part in the Funding Meet-and-Greet, you’ll be able to meet up to 10 funders over the course of one morning. You’ll avoid endless hours of searching, appointments, and travel time. After these meetings, you’ll know which funders could help your project and you’ll be able to focus on them.

2. To find the right type of financing

On average, about 20 funders [2] take part in each of our Funding Meet-and-Greet events. Whether for venture capital, a network of investors, governmental programs, bank financing, credits for research and development, grant searches, etc., you’ll find the right funder for you.

3. To find financing for any type of project

You’ll have the chance to meet funders who are open to a range of industries and types of projects, whether you are thinking of starting your own company, expanding your team, opening new offices, acquiring new equipment, piercing new markets, increasing your level of production, etc. The possibilities are nearly endless.

4. To meet financing experts and find the answers to your questions

Is the search for financing a foreign concept for you? Don’t know where to start? Feeling overwhelmed? Our on-site experts will guide you and teach you more on the subject, whether for venture capital funding, bank financing, or financing for a service or manufacturing company.

5. To increase your network of contacts

You’ll be able to meet people from businesses that, just like yours, are seeking financing. Some are just beginning their search while others have a lot of experience in the matter. Take advantage of this opportunity to meet people who are dealing with the same challenges you are. Who knows, you might get advice that will help you in your search for financing!

If you have questions, contact one of our experts at info@infoentrepreneurs.org or at 514-496-4636.

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[1] There are two types of Funding Meet-And-Greet events: Startup and Growth. For Funding Meet-And-Greet events – Growth, we are looking for companies with sales revenues of $1 million or more.

[2] The number of funders may vary from one event to the next.

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