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India - On the next level of development

Opportunities with its growth champion: the state of Gujarat Develop your SME on a promising market! Events


On September 2, a high-level delegation from Gujarat will be in Montreal to discuss business opportunities and meet with potential business partners. Export Québec, the Quebec India Business Council, and the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal invite you to come explore business opportunities from which your company can benefit, and discuss your projects.

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The speech will be held in english.




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Ulric Manteaux
Assistant Advisor
514 871-4002, ext. 6220

Registration deadline
August 29, 2014

Presented by:

Export Québec


Omni Mont-Royal
1050 Sherbrooke Street West

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No reservations, cancellations or refunds after the registration deadline. Participant substitutions are accepted at no extra charge until the event is held. Please note that only substitution notices sent by email at will be accepted.


  • Learn about business prospects in India and its most highly developed and fastest growing industrial state: Gujarat
  • Meet potential partners and key contacts on the market
  • Implement optimal business practices for success
  • Find out about the support network for entrepreneurs who want to succeed on this market
  • Learn from Quebec entrepreneurs who have enjoyed success on this market, and network with others seeking to develop their business in the region


India is an aspiring economic giant and one of the most promising countries in the world in terms of business development. Its economy’s steady growth over the past 20 years, along with the existence of several trade agreements with Canada, has created business conditions that are especially favourable for Quebec firms.

India notably benefits from:

  • A steady increase in its population’s purchasing power
  • A constantly growing middle class
  • Plentiful, qualified labour
  • Strong industry, with major industrial players

India is an established and strategic trade partner for Canada, with which it is currently negotiating a free trade agreement. It is also considered to be a priority at the international level. It is one of the 15 main destinations for Canadian exports.

India, facts and figures:

  • A population of 1.2 billion inhabitants
  • The world’s 12th most powerful economy
  • A GDP of $1.900 billion USD
  • Robust growth in the medium and long term, which should exceed 6% as of 2014
  • $2.8 billion USD in Canadian imports in 2013 (an increase of over 90% since 2005)

The State of Gujarat:
Gujarat is a state in northwest India. It is distinguished by policies that are favourable to economic activity. Its average annual growth rate was close to 10% from 2004 to 2012.

Gujarat is home to 5% of India’s population, but represents 16% of the country’s total industrial production and 22% of its exports. It benefits from the best infrastructure, is connected to special economic zones, has one of the largest refineries in the world, and boasts a petrochemical sector that on its own provides for a quarter of the region’s industrial production.

In short, Gujarat’s performance can be explained as a combination of good political governance and entrepreneurial spirit, making this region an ideal place to do business.

Key sectors:
Health: This sector has experienced growth ranging between 10% and 12% over the past 5 years, making the country a major platform for the pharmaceutical industry. In 2010, this industry represented $22 billion USD in India, with its success resting on developed infrastructures and highly qualified personnel. India currently manufactures 20% of the world’s generic pharmaceutical products. The medical technology and hospital infrastructures market is also enjoying strong growth.

Agri-food: India is the world’s 4th largest agricultural power. The agri-food sector employs close to 600 million people in India, and represented 17.5% of India’s GDP in 2011.

ITC: ITC is enjoying double-digit growth in India. This sector projected $73 billion USD in revenue for 2011. Development prospects will continue to remain solid for several more years, given the vast size of the country and its population.

Defence and security: India has the 10th largest defence and security budget in the world, and is planning for it to increase by 25% by 2015. It is a market of over $110 billion USD, offering many opportunities, notably for electronic systems equipment and security systems and programs.

Renewable energy: India’s energy gaps—given the needs of a population of 1.2 billion people—are enormous. Recent government reforms have made renewable energy—including solar and wind energy—a national priority (authorized FDI up to 100% in this sector).

Automotive: This is one of the most dynamic sectors in India, which hopes to become a hub for world automotive production. With 18 million vehicles sold in 2011, this industry represents 5% of India’s GDP. Between 2009 and 2011, automobile sales increased by 26%.


  • Entrepreneurs seeking to penetrate the Indian market, or already active on the market and seeking to learn more.
  • The seminar will be of particular interest to companies in the following sectors:
    • Transportation
    • Infrastructure work
    • Information technology and telecommunications
    • Agri-food
    • Life sciences and medical equipment
    • Aeronautics
    • Green technologies
    • Defence and security
    • Energy
    • Mining
    • Consumer goods

Develop your SME on a promising market!

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