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Selling to major retail chains

Be prepared to become a supplier to major chains

Be prepared to become a supplier to major chains




  • To learn how to arouse the interest of large retail chains; how to better sell yourself, negotiate and build business relationships.
  • To learn of the advantages and drawbacks of carrying out transactions with retail chains.
  • To be well informed of the requirements and particularities of dealing
    with retail chains.
  • To know how to evaluate your degree of flexibility during negotiations.
  • To develop a promotional programme aimed at sales to retail chains.
  • And finally, to be able to make an informed decision on whether or not to sell to large retail chains.

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Line Leblond
Project Manager, Training

The workshop expenses are tax deductible (provicial and federal).

The cost of the workshop is eligible as an expense under the 1% Training Investment.

No reservations, cancellations or refunds after the registration deadline. Participant substitutions are accepted at no extra charge until the event is held. Please note that only substitution notices sent by email at will be accepted.


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  • Vice Presidents, Directors, and Counsellors – Marketing and Sales
  • Vice Presidents and Directors – Distribution


Maximize your chances of selling to retail chains.

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