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National Bank's challenge

Enhancing our customers’ experience at events supported by the National Bank
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What is the National Bank? What are the company’s objectives?

With $219 billion in assets at January 31, 2016, National Bank of Canada, together with its subsidiaries, forms one of Canada’s leading integrated financial groups. The Bank has close to 20,000 employees and is widely recognized as a top employer. The Bank's securities are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: NA).

Whether it is through supporting medical research and access to care, promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyles, or getting kids involved in the community, National Bank and its 20,000 employees are proud to help today’s youth grow and thrive. Every year, we support hundreds of Canadian organizations through our donations and sponsorships program. Through targeted initiatives, we are doing our part to support young people from birth through university. Our goal is to build a prosperous society where kids are healthy and have the tools they need to grow into good citizens who care about the communities they live in.

What problem are we trying to resolve?

The National Bank supports a number of events every year, to which it invites many clients and partners. These events are varied, independent from one another, and of various sizes (Rogers Cup, benefit events, etc.). They are important opportunities for us to demonstrate our commitment to the community and to thank our clients and partners.

Unfortunately, our National Bank directors and representatives are not always in a position to spot their guests upon arrival in order to greet them. For example, a vice president can sometimes have up to 12 guests scattered throughout the event site at the same time. A National Bank guest experience is not sufficiently distinctive. Beyond one-on-one meetings, how can we offer our clients an exceptional, distinctive, and unique experience in order to properly show them our appreciation?

What are our objectives?

We would like to explore new avenues (mobile app, smartband, beaconing, biometric recognition, localized marketing, etc.) to improve our clients’ experience at these events. Recognizing them upon their arrival, getting them to skip waiting lines at the box office, advising them of delays in the event schedule, finding them a parking spot, going to personally meet them during the event, offering them a bottle of water during a heatwave, inviting them to a VIP lounge, organizing meetings between guests facing common issues…

We are seeking a highly personalized approach with a main goal of enhancing our clients’ experience and making the time they spend at National Bank events as memorable as possible.

What is the target? Who is being addressed?

The solution should allow us to improve the experience of National Bank guests. It is an opportunity to thank our best clients who use the services in our various sectors of activity.

What will be the framework for the pilot project to prove the validity of the solution? What are the indicators of success?

We would like to test the solution during the 24th edition of the Coupe Banque Nationale international indoor tennis tournament, which will be held in Quebec City from September 10 to 18, 2016. This tournament draws high-calibre professional athletes, such as Eugenie Bouchard, who will compete this year.

Some 400 pairs of tickets will be distributed to our clients so that they may attend the competition, including around 300 in the stands and 100 in the National Bank box.
The main indicators of success will be the following:

  • Number of meetings made possible between clients and National Bank representatives
  • Clients’ overall satisfaction (Net Promoter Score)

The start-up is also invited to suggest more granular indicators related to the proposed solution and mechanisms allowing them to be measured.

What are the parameters and constraints?

We want to avoid asking our users to download a new application or to sign up to a list.

We are looking for an approach that can be reproduced relatively rapidly for all of our events.


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