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The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

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  • Directory – Financing by business sectors

    Discover the main financing programs available by business sectors.
  • Directory – Equity investments

    You could be able to attract equity investments to carry out your start-up, expansion or innovation projects.
  • Directory – Grants, contributions and financial assistance

    You could benefit from public or private funds in the form of grants, contributions and financial assistance to carry out your business project.
  • Directory – Loan garantees

    A government-backed loan guarantee could help you attract creditors.
  • Directory – Loans and cash advances

    Explore these loans and other borrowing possibilities for your new or existing business.
  • Directory – Support programs and services

    You could benefit from non-financial resources to succeed in your business venture.
  • Directory – Tax refunds and credits

    Tax refunds and credits can help reduce your overhead costs.
  • Directory – Wage subsidies

    These wage subsidy programs could help you recruit the ideal employee for your project.
  • Finance the hiring and training of employees

    Discover the main financing programs available to hire and train your employees.
  • Finance the purchase, lease or modernization of goods or equipment

    Consult this directory of the main funding programs available for the purchase, lease or modernization of goods or equipment.
  • Finance your R&D/innovation

    You could carry out your R & D / innovation projects by using these financing programs.
  • Finance your business transfer

    See where to find financing to help you succeed in transferring your business.
  • Finance your marketing

    Review the list of the main financing programs available to market your products and services.
  • Finance your startup

    You could take advantage of these financing programs to start your business.
  • AI for Supply Chains

    ​CEIM Get coaching and the opportunity to access up to $35,000 in financial assistance to accelerate the planning, implementation or commercialization of your innovative artificial inte...
  • Aboriginal Business Financing Program - Private Project

    Native Commercial Credit Corporation Get a non-refundable contribution of up to $99,999 for business start-up or expansion, marketing, project management, professional advisory services...
  • Aboriginal Business Financing Program — Community project

    Native Commercial Credit Corporation Get a non-refundable contribution of up to $1 million for businesses owned by a First Nation, the Native Alliance of Quebec, or by one of their memb...
  • Aboriginal Entrepreneurship Program — Access to Capital

    National Aboriginal Capital Corporation Association (NACCA) Get a non-repayable contribution of up to $99,999 for business planning, acquisitions, expansion, domestic or export marketin...
  • Aboriginal Initiatives Fund III

    Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones
    Your for-profit or non-profit Indigenous organization could be eligible for a grant for its economic development project.
  • Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship Program

    The Martin Family Initiative If you are an entrepreneurial aboriginal student, you could learn how to create a product-based and service-driven business from experienced business mentor...
  • Accompagnement en technologies de la santé

    ​PME  MTL et MEDTEQ+
    Get coaching and start-up financing to develop your business in the health technology field.
  • AgPal

    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada​
    Find information on programs and services available to you in the agriculture or agri-business sector.
  • Agreement for construction sector labour mobility Ontario - Québec

    Ministère du Travail
    Under this agreement, you are ensured equal treatment when bidding or working on construction projects in Ontario and Quebec.
  • Agribusiness and Agrifood Young Entrepreneurs

    Farm Credit Canada
    If you are under 40 years old, get a loan of up to $1 million to launch a new business or to take your operations to the next level.
  • Anges Québec Capital Fund

    Anges Québec
    Investments of up to $4 million for innovative companies with high growth potential and a competitive advantage.
  • Apollo13 startup support program

    ​Apollo 13
    Do you have an entrepreneurial idea to put into action or a desire to grow your business? The Apollo13 support program may be right for you.​
  • Applying as a business immigrant

    Immigration, Francisation et Intégration
    Find all the information you need if you wish to immigrate to Quebec in order to develop your business projects.
  • Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Travel Card

    ​Canada Border Services Agency ​You can use this card to help you cross the border faster when you travel for business to participating countries in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • BDC - Business loans

    Business Development Bank of Canada
    ​You could get money to help you start or grow your business.
  • BDC Advisory Services

    Business Development Bank of Canada
    Connect with highly experienced specialists who can help you better manage your business, increase revenues and optimize operations.
  • BDC Buying a Business Loan

    Business Development Bank of Canada
    Get an asset-based loan to acquire an existing business or the business of a competitor or supplier.
  • BDC Capital

    ​Business Development Bank of Canada
    Access a wide range of specialized financing to match the various stages of your business' growth.
  • BDC Capital — Venture Capital

    Business Development Bank of Canada
    Get financing and advice from venture capital investors to help you build and grow your business in Canada and internationally.
  • BDC Indigenous Entrepreneur Loan

    Business Development Bank of Canada Purchase assets, start exporting, pay start-up or franchise fees and replenish working capital with a $350,000 loan if you have an existing businesse...
  • BDC Newcomer Entrepreneur

    Business Development Bank of Canada If you are an immigrant who arrived in Canada within the past 3 years, you can get up to $50,000, along with expert advice, to start your own busines...
  • BDC Start-up Financing

    Business Development Bank of Canada Get up to $250,000 to help get your business off the ground, finance operations and replenish working capital spent on start-up costs, if you've been...
  • BDC Webinars

    ​Business Development Bank of Canada
    Watch free webinars delivered by BDC experts to help you make better business decisions and achieve your business goals.
  • BDC Women in Technology Venture Fund

    Business Development Bank of Canada Get up to $1 million in financing at the seed stage and up to $10 million at the growth stage if your technology company is led by women.
  • Black Entrepreneur Startup Program

    ​Are you a black entrepreneur under the age of 40? Receive a loan, mentorship, and resources to launch your business.
  • Business Opportunities: Development and Humanitarian Aid Markets

    ​Trade Commissioner Service
    ​Learn about export opportunities in international humanitarian and aid markets.
  • Business immigration programs

    Immigration and citizenship
    ​Interested in moving to Canada to start a business? Find out if you can immigrate as a self-employed individual or receive a start-up visa.
  • Business number registration

    ​Canada Revenue Agency
    ​Your Business Number is your single account number for dealing with the government regarding GST/HST, payroll, import/export and other activities.
  • Business succession

    ​Fonds de solidarité FTQ
    ​Get coaching and financing to help you buy or sell a business.
  • Businesses video gallery

    Canada Revenue Agency Find tax information for business owners. View a selection of online videos offered by the Canada Revenue Agency or register for other information sessions and sem...

    ​Canada Border Services Agency
    ​If you are a frequent and low-risk traveller, you can apply for access to speedier and easier entry into Canada.
  • CDL - Montreal Artificial Intelligence

    ​Creative Destruction Lab - Montreal Get mentoring and coaching for the implementation of artificial intelligence solutions for the development of products, services and processes.
  • CDL - Montreal Supply Chain

    ​Creative Destruction Lab - Montreal Get mentoring and coaching on implementing artificial intelligence solutions for supply chain visibility, optimization and improvement.
  • CRA BizApp

    ​Canada Revenue Agency
    Get quick access to your business accounts via the CRA mobile web application.
  • Canadian Agricultural Loans Act program

    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Get a loan of up to $500,000 to establish, improve and develop your farm—or up to $3 million for your co-operative to process, distribute and market agr...
  • Centech Acceleration

    ​Centech Get a grant of up to $25,000 when you participate in an upcoming 12-week accelerator program designed for startups that have developed an AI solution applied to supply chains. ...
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