A new platform to support young Montrealers who are reflecting on their professional future

As part of Hooked on School Days, Montréal Relève, a subsidiary of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal with close ties to the realm of education, would like to reiterate its commitment to Montréal's youth and the achievement of their full potential.

A recognized ally of the educational community

Montréal Relève, a subsidiary of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, is a non-profit organization that has been supporting the socio-economic development of the city of Montréal since its inception in 1995. An expert in preparing the future workforce, Montréal Relève accompanies several thousand students each year in their choice of studies and profession by offering concrete career exploration activities.

As a valued partner of both the educational and professional communities, Montréal Relève is dedicated to the development of innovative projects in order to prepare a qualified workforce for the Montréal region. Thanks to the contribution of a network of highly committed partners, the organization multiplies meeting opportunities between youth and the business sector in order to promote positive and lasting changes within the community.

As such, and on the occasion of Hooked on School Days, Montréal Relève wishes to reiterate its contribution to this major societal issue through its programs, which encourage the next generation to adopt behaviours oriented towards effort and success through a better understanding of their professional interests and the corresponding educational pathways.

An agile organization, committed mentors

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected the mental health and individual motivation of high school students. Montréal Relève therefore recognized the importance of maintaining its activities and continuing to support its partners, both in the educational and business sectors, at a time when everyone was facing unprecedented challenges.

Although the organization itself experienced multiple operational obstacles, it quickly adapted to the new reality and adjusted its offer to counter these hurdles. Thanks to an accelerated digital shift and multiple virtual initiatives, the organization successfully accompanied its program participants in their quest for professional interests – notably through an online access to its large network of highly mobilized and invested mentors.

Business Class program celebrated its 20th anniversary

For the upcoming edition of the Business Class 2.0 program, Montréal Relève is continuing to accommodate new organisational realities and allowing for the participation of an even greater number of young Montrealers who are starting to reflect on their future careers.

In partnership with 20 high schools in 12 boroughs on the island of Montréal, the organization will have the opportunity to meet up to 20,000 students and offer them the chance to navigate through Career Exploration, a new digital platform officially launched on February 9.

More concretely, what is Career Exploration and what does it consist of? It’s a digital platform that features content that allows program participants to gain a better understanding of the job market: from pertinent life skills to privileged encounters with close to 500 mentors from 18 different industries. It’s also an opportunity for students to to view more than 20 hours of digital content, ranging from webinars with over 50 professionals from all walks of life to a series of informative videos designed to answer questions that youth frequently ask themselves as they anticipate starting their careers.

Montréal Relève, an actor focused on its community

Academic perseverance is a major social issue in Quebec, especially since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, since the daily reality of youth is completely disrupted, their motivation in terms of their education has been greatly affected.

However, although the repercussions of the pandemic remain uncertain, Montréal Relève will pursue its commitment to the future workforce and the business community by continuing to support academic success, reaching one's full potential and academic perseverance.

If you would like to learn more about Montréal Relève, its commitment to student retention and the impact of its programs, including Business Class 2.0, you can visit its website or send an e-mail to info@montrealreleve.ca.

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