Business owners and COVID-19: Resources for economic recovery

As the long-awaited economic relaunch takes shape, many shops and businesses are starting to reopen. In this unpredictable situation, Quebec business owners are in need of advice on how to recover after weeks of limited activity. There are many resources available to SMEs to help them rebound smoothly. Of course, they need to be aware of the panoply of services and resources on offer and know how to navigate them!

How do you get fast access to support programs and resources for SMEs so that you can focus 100% on your economic recovery? Acclr Business Information’s mission is to support companies by consolidating the information they need in one place. Here is an overview of the resources, tools, business advice and services offered both online and remotely to support you through managing the crisis and relaunching your operations.

Acclr Business Information helps you make decisions for your company

Personalized consulting services for business owners

Many support measures and programs have been established to stimulate economic recovery. In the current context, time is a precious resource, and it is crucial to get companies the help they need quickly. Because it is not always easy for companies to see their own situations clearly, it is best to make use of guidance services for businesses.

How do you figure out where to focus your energy?

Acclr Business Information acts as a bridge between companies and the organizations offering them support. It is the leader in providing consolidated, high-quality information on government services and programs for businesspeople. This front-line service is offered online, by email and over the phone.

The aim

Economic actors can benefit from these vital guidance services. For example, business owners might be directed towards financing options for SMEs that will allow them to continue their operations.

The Acclr Business Information experts are there to listen to the SMEs’ concerns, dispel their doubts and guide them through managing the crisis.

Get resources and solutions to drive your operations forward

Since the situation evolves from day to day, the wealth of information provided to business owners is updated regularly. This useful information is offered through the following tools and services:

  • Advice and guidance: Acclr Business Information provides companies with the information they need to support their startup, innovation, expansion or internationalization project. The goal? Guiding SMEs to the tools and services best suited to their growth and offering a free assessment of their business project. Our experts answer business owners’ questions quickly by phone or online.
  • COVID-19 news: This Acclr Business Information page gives a free overview of resources for companies: programs and general information from all levels of government, economic development organizations and stakeholders from the private sector. It also features virtual webinars for high-quality support and calls for proposals for various initiatives.
  • Strategic information centre: Business information specialists answer companies’ questions and offer personalized advice regarding their business information needs. One of the benefits of this service? Being able to collect masses of data, analyze it and give it structure, producing reliable information you can act on (statistics, sector studies, competitive analyses, etc.). The goal? Helping SMEs analyze market tendencies and improve their business plan.

Helping you transform your business model

Getting inspired and taking action to make your vision a reality

In the current context, Acclr Business Information’s mission is clearer than ever. Federal, provincial and municipal support programs, tools for small and medium enterprises, expert advice to manage the crisis—find it all here!

5 tips to stimulate your business 

The time has come to focus on solidifying your business relationships and encouraging your customers to return once the reopening begins. Here are a few recommendations from Acclr Business Information advisors to help you get started: 

  • Looking for startup ideas?
    Find out about the government’s new national self-sufficiency and local purchasing priorities.
  • Already have a specific idea for your company?
    Get a head start and ask the Acclr team for the list of organizations offering training and support for companies. You will then have the information you need to move your project forward quickly.
  • Municipal, provincial and federal governments are always looking for products and services.
    Take the opportunity to submit your bid! The Acclr team can help you register with the federal government.
  • Meet the pandemic challenge head-on and come up with a strategic plan for overcoming the crisis. How? 
    Start by sounding out your customers and employees. They are precious advisors and ambassadors, and their opinion of your company matters.
  • Make an effort to improve your relationships with your customers. Talk to them to find out what they are dealing with and how you can help. Reassure them that you are committed to meeting their needs and guaranteeing delivery of their orders, for example.

Find the best resources to help you relaunch your operations

In addition to guidance services, Acclr Business Information provides other resources for self-employed workers, heads of SMEs, VSBs and startups, and managers and employees of large businesses. This free information is updated daily, keeping these economic actors abreast of the help currently available to them:

  • Online resource centre: Over 2,000 resources and practical tools are available to guide you and help you get your project to the next step. You will find directories of support organizations that include business incubators and accelerators, programs, contests, guides, factsheets and documents available in 12 foreign languages.

To simplify things for business owners, there are four directories of programs put in place by various levels of government and the private sector to overcome the current health and economic crisis. They offer useful and varied information on sources of financing, tax measures, human resource management and occupational health and safety. These directories also include calls to action related to the various challenges presented by the pandemic. 

As you can see, you don’t have to manage this crisis alone! Many tools and programs are available to help your company relaunch its operations. Our advisors will help you make the most of them—even from a distance!

Acclr, through its Business Information service, receives financial support from Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions. Acclr Business Information is the new entity previously called Info entrepreneurs.

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