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The following information is intended for members of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal (CCMM)—both individuals and organizations—seeking to contribute to our publications. Its aim is to help contributors understand the publishing, management, and presentation standards for our content.

The digital platforms on which CCMM publications are distributed serve as places where information and ideas can be shared.

The CCMM’s mission

Founded in 1822, the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal serves as the voice of the business community by promoting the prosperity of the city and its businesses. Over the years, the CCMM has built one of the largest business networks in Quebec, thereby enabling its members to benefit from its vast reach and influence. The CCMM also provides business services, grouped together under the Acclr banner, which aim to accelerate business creation and growth.

CCMM publications

  • CCMM publications are mainly intended to equip readers with the information they require to help take their companies to the next level. We address such topics as business start-up, growth, and transfer, funding, international trade, business development, networking, best business practices, investment, innovation, and leadership. We believe that an exchange of information and ideas encourages the emergence of prosperous businesses.
  • Our experts are committed to publishing non-partisan content that is based on fact. The scope of major economic issues and the repercussions of political decisions on the business environment will be dealt with to the extent that they allow executives and investors to make informed decisions.
  • Guest contributors may submit content for publication. However, their opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the CCMM, and the promotion of personal interests is not permitted.
  • Our publications are distributed, in English and in French, across various forms of digital media (blog, newsletters, social media).
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How do we select content?

A. Who can contribute?

  • All of our guest contributors must be members of the CCMM, and their submitted content must meet the requirements described in our editorial policy.
  • We do not publish any promotional content.
  • All contributions are made on a voluntary basis and are not subject to any remuneration.

B. Selection criteria

B.1. Content

The CCMM experts and guest contributors collaborating on our publications should submit inspiring content as defined by the following five criteria:

  • Expertise
    We seek collaborators who can share their experience and who are well-versed in the subject matter they wish to address in an original manner. They need not have authored previously published texts to be considered experts.
  • Rigour
    In addition to being well-versed in the subject matter, or having several years of experience, contributors must be able to support and justify their ideas through research, concrete examples, and data. We avoid all manner of promotional content.
  • Usefulness
    Our readers want to take their businesses to the next level; contributors must therefore approach subjects in a practical way that is adapted to the reality of the readers’ business.
  • Independence
    We seek to cover topics in a non-partisan manner in order to preserve the useful and practical nature of our publications. Consequently, we will not accept any promotional or partisan content.
  • Professionalism
    The linguistic quality of the writing (English or French) must be impeccable, and the writing style should be direct and captivating. Our readers are busy, and we need to hold their attention and interest.

B.2. Form

  • Content may be submitted in written, visual, graphical, audio, video, or slide format;
  • Titles for submitted content must be short (maximum of 85 characters, including spaces) and catchy to the entrepreneurship and business audience;
  • You must include a brief introductory description with your submitted content (maximum of 160 characters, including spaces);
  • You must include an image with your submitted content. This must take the form of a copyright-free photograph. The following image formats are expected: the first, 460 x 389, will appear in the search list; the second, 1160 x 771, will be used to illustrate the article, in the case of content appearing solely in written form;
    Please note that images cannot include any text, nor must they promote any event.


  • Blog posts must be between a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 1,000 words in length;
  • Videos must be a maximum of 3 minutes in length, and audio content must be a maximum of 20 minutes in length;
  • Content may be submitted in English, in French, or in both languages. It should be revised prior to submission. Please note that the CCMM will not be responsible for translating or correcting content submitted by guest collaborators.

C. Conditions for selection

  • We will not publish any content that is offensive, sexist, or discriminatory in nature.
  • Sources must be identified. Contributors must make sure to hold the copyright for the material being submitted, as only original content will be accepted—plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  • Contributors must obtain the consent of all individuals appearing in photos or videos to be published.
  • Guest contributors are allowed to include a link to another website only if it pertains to the subject being addressed. The CCMM is not responsible for external sites accessed via these links.
  • In compliance with netiquette1, disparaging comments will be withdrawn or deleted.

How can you send us content?

  • We request that contributors initially send us a 50 to 100-word summary of their content by email (, indicating the requested publication format in order to help our editorial committee evaluate the proposal. Should we reject the summary, we will provide a brief indication of the reasoning behind our decision; the contributor will then be able to adjust the summary and resubmit it, requesting a revised decision.
  • Once the editorial committee has approved the summary, the contributor will be asked to submit the complete content, which the editorial committee will review again.
  • Contributors must tell us whether or not they wish to respond to our subscribers’ questions or comments once the content has been posted on our social media.
  • The CCMM reserves the right to edit the title or certain parts of a text before publication; contributors will be made aware of the changes before publication.
  • Important: We retain the intellectual property rights to all content published on our platforms, but contributors retain the moral rights to their content. Content created by the CCMM team is signed on behalf of the organization with the exception of that created by its President and CEO, while content submitted by external contributors is attributed to these contributors through the use of their respective first and last names.
  • In submitting content to the CCMM, contributors automatically agree to these conditions.
  • To take advantage of our sponsored content offer, click here.

Contribution frequency: The CCMM reserves the right to publish all content submitted by guest contributors at the moment deemed most adequate by the editorial committee.

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Processing of your request

We are active on the Web and on social media on a daily basis.
In light of this activity, we are always on the lookout for new content; we will process contributor requests without delay, except during holiday periods.
Note that any material missing for the online release of content will delay its publication.

Questions and comments

Should you have any questions regarding this editorial policy, write to us at:

We look forward to reading your submissions!

The CCMM reserves the right to modify this policy at any time and without prior notice.

1Netiquette refers to the rules of decency governing the behaviour of web users on the network, notably during discussions on Web 2.0 and on blogs.

Tell us how you’re celebrating the 375th

Is your company planning to be part of the activities for Montréal’s 375th anniversary? Special projects, team-building events, knowledge-building activities and seminars... the Chamber wants to showcase inspiring initiatives growing out of this year of festivities by spotlighting its members’ projects.

The digital platforms that disseminate CCMM publications are sites for sharing information and ideas. The CCMM’s publications for Montréal’s 375th anniversary are meant to give readers ideas to take their business to the next level. We want to help them take advantage of the coming year of celebrations to boost their business development, networking and leadership. We believe that sharing information makes ideas emerge.

To share your initiatives and contribute to our blog, just click here. The texts uploaded will be posted on our website and through social media. Businesses will have a chance to distinguish themselves as community leaders and might just inspire other businesses to get involved in the celebrations and leverage them for their growth.

Here are a few questions to guide you in creating the content for your post. Obviously you don’t need to limit yourself to these questions.

  • Tell us what the 375thanniversary means to you and your organization.
  • What motivated your organization to create a special activity for the 375th anniversary?
  • What is your activity and what was its goal?
  • What did your activity accomplish in concrete terms?
  • How did your employees get involved and what assets did they develop through your initiative?
  • Will your activity have a lasting impact once the 375th anniversary is over?

The 375th anniversary celebrations will hold our attention in 2017 and leave their mark on the city for many years to come. We hope our members will be part of it.

How do we choose the content?

Who can contribute

  • Contributors must be members of the CCMM, and the content submitted must reflect our editorial policy
  • We do not publish promotional content; please contact our sponsored content service for this type of article: click here here for more information.
  • Contributions are voluntary, and no payment will be made in exchange for them.


  • Content submitted can consist of writing, visuals, computer graphics, audio, video and slides.
  • Blog posts must have a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 1,000 words; videos must run for a maximum of 3 minutes and audio content a maximum of 20 minutes.
    • The title for content submitted must be short (a maximum of 85 characters, spaces included) and resonate with the entrepreneurial and business community;
    • Your content must have a short introductory description (a maximum of 160 characters, spaces included);
    • Your content should be accompanied by an image. This must be a photo and royalty free. The accepted formats are: the first, 460 x 389, will appear in the search results list; the second, 1160 x 771, will illustrate the post, if it is only written content.
      Images must not contain text or promote an event.

N.B.: The contributor must have the consent of anyone who appears in a photo or video for publication.

Linguistic requirements

  • Quality: The linguistic quality of your article (French or English) must be impeccable and your writing style direct and captivating. Our readers are in a hurry, and we have to keep their attention and interest.
  • Editing and translation: You can submit your content in French, English or both languages. Be sure to edit it before submitting. Please note that the CCMM will not translate or correct content submitted.

How can you submit content for Montréal’s 375th anniversary?

  • Send us your text via email by clicking the button below.
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  • Communication about publication will occur by email. If we are not going to publish your post, we will provide a brief explanation for our decision; you will be able to adjust your text, submit it again and ask for the decision to be reviewed.
  • You should indicate whether or not you want to answer questions or comments from subscribers when your content is disseminated via social media.
  • The CCMM reserves the right to edit the title or certain parts of the text before publication; the contributor will have the chance to read it before publication.
  • Important: We retain intellectual property rights for content disseminated on our platforms, but you retain moral rights over your content. Content created by the CCMM team has the organization as its author, except for content by its president and CEO, whereas content submitted by outside contributors is attributed to them by name.
  • By submitting content to the CCMM, you automatically agree to these conditions.

Timeframe to process your request

We are present and active on the web and social media daily.
We are always looking for new content, so we will process your content submission request as soon as possible, except during holidays.

Please note that any material missing when you upload your content will delay its being posted.

Questions and comments

For questions about the editorial policy, write us at:

We look forward to reading your posts!